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RP70A Android
RP70A Mini Tablet is one of the most popular and user-friendly rugged Android based handheld PC’s now supporting an upgraded performance Octa-Core CPU and the power and intelligence of Android 9.0 Pie (GMS Certified). Read more about the new RP70A>>

Welo X10A
Welo X10A is an affordable IP65 rated Rugged Android tablet, both durable and tough. Featuring Android 9-series Operating System, 10.1-inch touchscreen, hot-swappable battery, seamless roaming Wi-Fi technology, and a serviceable and modular expansion design.

UT12 is a rugged (IP68) Android smartphone /PDA. This performance 6.0" Rugged phone is equipped with a sunlight-viewable HD ‘retina’ ultra-responsive touch display with wet and gloved input modes. Dual SIM 4G LTE for data and VoLTE voice calls, enhanced audio features, integrated precision GPS/GNSS receiver, lightning-fast USB3 -(Type C) interface, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & NFC. The UT12 exceeds expectations in performance, connectivity, durability and ease of use.

Android® based XSLATE D10 is a rugged, strong and versatile Tablet PC. With IP65, MIL-STD-810G and C1Z2 and ATEX ratings, magnesium alloy mid-frame, elastomer bumpers and chemically hardened display, the XSLATE D10 is ready to meet the elements. The range of accessories make it an adaptable choice for practiced Android®users.

P8II Controller
The P8II is a rugged and lightweight ‘hand-friendly’ designed Android Handheld GNSS Controller. Features include an alphanumeric keypad with user programmable function button, a tough 5-inch high-contrast sunlight viewable touch screen, integrated 13Mp Camera, GNSS receiver with high-sensitivity GPS antenna, Bluetooth, WiFi and GSM/4G connectivity along with a generous 32Gb of internal storage (expandable to 128GB) – If you’re looking for a cost-effective rugged field ready GNSS Handheld with serious connectivity then you’re looking at the P8II.

Welo XR8A
The Welo XR8A is small form factor IP67 rated rugged Android tablet PC. Its compact design, light weight and durability makes it a versatile device ideally suited for mobile workers, where productivity is the priority.

PD470 Android 8.1 PDA is slim lightweight and durable with the look and feel of high end pocket friendly smart phone. With its curved anti-slip edges, large 5" HD display and easy reach side buttons, integrated advanced focusing, optical and illuminating Bar Code reader with a wide field of view for larger bar codes, this IP67 rated and versatile device enables workers to process crucial business information in real time.

Welo R10A
The Welo R10A is an affordable and versatile rugged tablet for “light” and “medium” duty, mobile applications . Its sunlight readable 10” screen is crisp and responsive to touch. With multiple I/O ports, accessories and mounting options, the Welo R10A provides portability, functionality and adaptability.

C66 is a new generation advanced rugged handheld computer. The 5.5-inch HD screen provides excellent touch-screen control and a wider visual experience, 4300mAh removable main battery with quick charge support and numerous optional data acquisition functions such as barcode scanner, NFC, RFID and R6 UHF sled compatibility for a complete one-piece UHF solution.

The C61 is an advanced rugged handheld computer with keypad for smoother data acquisition and faster application processing. Its expandability allows it to be used in a wide variety of industrial applications, such as front-of-store and warehouse management in retail, or cycle-counting and
sorting in logistics. Numeric/QWERTY keyboard options:
27, 37 or 47 keys.

Welo XR10A
The Welo XR10A is a rugged IP65 rated 10” Android tablet PC. Its large screen light weight and durability makes it a versatile device ideally suited for mobile workers. Powered by a Qualcomm (OCTA Core), 2.0GHz processor, 64GB internal storage and Android Pie (9.0) OS.

Welo XR7A
The Welo XR7A is small form factor rugged Android tablet PC. Its compact design, light weight and durability makes it an extremely versatile device ideally suited for outdoor use and the more challenging of environments.

Welo XR12A
Welo XR12A with its generous display provides a stable connection and optionals like readers for NFC and 1D/2D-barcode readers. The processor is a Qualcomm (Octacore) 2.0GHz and the operational system is Android 10. The
unit is rugged in accordance to IP65 and MIL-STD-810G
and supports GLONASS with Beidou as an option.

Gladius GT500
The Android™ based Gladius GT500 is a small but versatile computer, yet not much larger than the average cell phone. This handheld device with 2G/3G/LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC is dust- and water-resistant, rated to IP67. The sunlight readable Multi-Touch Screen works effectively with gloves.