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CHC i80 & CHC LT500T-series
The CHC family is a range of GNSS receivers for professional use. The affordable versatility impresses.
CHC i80GNSS and CHC LT500T GNSS are both quality products, whose rugged exterior is loaded with extra features. CHC is a leading developer in the industry, known for delivering precision, reliability and performance. CHC is also a producer of receivers and solutions to suppliers in the wider geo spatial industries.

An intelligent, lightweight, compact and scalable GNSS receiver. Unique and versatile, it contains all the features required of a GNSS receiver for professional use. The i80 means future-proof, flexible precision of durable user-friendly design. The specification can reach an accuracy of 2.5 mm precision.
Read more in the product sheet for CHC i80GNSS.

LT500T is a handheld GNSS receiver with high capacity. For those who require a complete all-in-one solution, this unit provides multiple features at an attractive price. LT500T is equipped with Gyro Laser. Barcode reader is an available option.Read more on the product sheet for the LT500 series.

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CHC-series in the specifications below.
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