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Specialized high-precision GNSS receivers for the surveying and GIS industry.
The E300Pro & E600 set a new standard in the high-end precision GNSS receiver market.

E300Pro GNSS receiver
The E300Pro constructed from magnesium alloy making it rugged and provides improved EMC
characteristics. Supports satellite station differential and satellite chain life, quick connection,
intelligent voice, and tilt survey. A powerful high-grade aesthetic and sophisticated receiver.
Read more in the product sheet for E300Pro GNSS receiver.

E600 GNSS receiver
The E600 is a high performance high-precision GNSS Receiver. The high-precision integrated antenna
can track all current satellite constellations and signals, including GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU/GALILEO/QZSS,
and can do so in triple frequency when available. This means the best possible performance under even the toughest of canopies. Improved RTK initialization success rates and initialization accuracy in harsh environments. Supports long-baseline RTK which is an effective guarantee for high-efficiency and high-precision RTK operations. Read more in the product sheet for E600 GNSS receiver.

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Find detailed information about the E300Pro and E600 GNSS Receivers from eSurvey in the specifications below. (Datasheets, downloadable as Pdf:s)
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