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Pidion BIP-6000

The BIP-6000 is a full rugged handheld computer. Powerful, compact and ergonomic. The strength in this optimized cross-over PDA, lies in all the possibilities the BIP-6000 offers.

This handheld computer are extremely shockproof and withstands drops from 1.8 m height. It┬┤s also protected from water and it meets IP65 sealing requirements.

The basic variants with integrated GPS, 3G, 3-megapixel camera with LED-flash is superb tools for field-GIS and other fieldapplications. For inventory-and POS-applications is barcode scanner and RFID the ultimate support. The 3,5" great LCD display have a touch sensitive display and a shockproof backlight display which gives clearer view in both direct/indirectly sunlight like in darkness. The display have a flat surface which is easily to clean.

The unit have also USB-/cradle-connection, WiFi, Bluetooth and HDSPA which further shows the intelligent interaction that can be achieved between user, handheld computer and environment.

With a memory of 256 MB RAM and up to 8 GB storage capasity are BIP 6000 both fast and have plenty of space for the collected data which again shows it┬┤s greatness and versatility.

The powerful battery have capasity for a full days work (up to 10 hours) and could easily switch to a fully charged battery to continue the job.

Protection film
Car cradle
Car charger adapter

CPU: PXA 320, 806MHz
Memory / Storage: 256MB RAM, 512MB ROM
Display: 3,5" TFT LCD
I/O Interface: 1xUSB 1.1, RS-232C, SIM, GPS
Communication: GSM,GPRS,eGPRS,UMTS,HSPDA,Bluetooth, 802.11b/g,802.11a/b/g
Dimensions: 80x160x35.5mm
Weight: 407g
OS: Windows mobile 6.1, Windows mobile 6.5, Android
Environmental: IP65, -30┬░C to 60┬░C
Data capture: Laser Class 2, CMOS Imager, RFID, ISO 14443 A/B, ISO 15693