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TabletKiosk eo a7330

The new eo™ a7330 UMPCs, powered by the Intel® Atom™ Z530P processor, are multi-purpose, full-featured Tablet PCs designed to address numerous traditional computing, as well as specialized industrial, functions thanks to their slate-style form factor and revolutionary modular design.

Low cost, function specific hand-held devices can actually cost your business money, both in lost productivity and in additional training expenses to get your staff up and running using multiple applications to complete the same task. Think about it. While your handheld systems might transfer data effeciently to your main application, the user interface and capabilities more likely are both functionally different and limited. That's extra time and money you must investest in your staff in order to train them to operate at peak efficiency. Let's not even get into what's probably involved if you want to upgrade your software to a newer, more feature rich and secure version.

Now imagine that your staff could work with just one application, regardless of where or what they are doing? That's less training. That's more productivity. That's a much simplier upgrade path. That's just how eoâ„¢ a7330 UMPCs get you up and running in the field and on the floor using the same software applications as your back office systems.

Featuring an expansive 7.1-inch WSVGA (1024 x 600) LCD display and either a dual mode screen that auto-switches between resistive touch and active digitizer (eo a7330D) or a resistive touch screen only (eo a7330T), these hand-held Ultra-Mobile PCs run full desktop operating systems — such as Windows 7 Professional, Windows XP or openSUSE Linux — and as such the same applications you have running on your back office or front desk PCs.

Need a P.O.S. device that reads credit cards? An inventory control system that scans product barcodes? How about a remote diagnostic tool that can send back data via 3.5G cellular networks? Thanks in part to their modular expansion system and family of plug-in external modules, the eoâ„¢ a7330 UMPCs can be all of the above and so much more.

Save both time and money with eo UMPCs from TabletKiosk.

CPU:Intel® Atom™ Z530P
Memory/Storage: 1GB soDIMM/ 60/80GB SATA
Display: 7" auto switching dual and active mode
Communication: WiFI (802.11a/b/g/n), BlueTooth, GPS(a7330D only),