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eo a7230X Tuftab

The eo TufTab® a7230XD and a7230XT, powered by the Intel® Atom™ Z530P processor, are rugged, slate-style Tablet PCs designed for mobile professionals whose work environment demands a level of durability not attainable by a standard PC.

Offering the convenience and durability of industrial hand-held devices—but with the accumen and flexibility of Windows® 7 compatible laptop PCs—eo TufTab Rugged Ultra-Mobile PCs (UMPCs) are the ultimate productivity tools for field service technicians, warehouse personnel, factory maintenance staff, and even emergency service workers.

Working in the field or on the floor with an eo TufTab, you can feel confident that your data will remain safe; as their MIL-STD-810G and IP54 rated casing, shock mounted hard drive with accelerometer monitoring protection, and hard coat protected LCD display will resist damage from jarring, dropping and vibration.

By offering a number of built-in I/O options — including RFID reader, 2D/1D barcode scanner, 2.0 MPixel Still/Video Camera, SD/MMC card reader, and even 3/3.5G WWAN — the new eo TufTabs are truly versatile, mobile business solutions capable of fulfilling many functions that usually requires the use of multiple, dedicated hand-held devices.

Additionally, these eo TufTabs really are full-fledged Windows® compatible PCs. That means they'll run most all the same applications in the field that your PCs back in the office are running. The result is reduced staff learning curves and increased staff productivity.

So, when it comes time to deploy a mobile solution, don't limit your company's productivity with task specific hand-held devices. Instead step-up to a rugged, full featured eo TufTab Ultra-Mobile PC. Your staff will thank you, your I.T. Department will thank you, and most importantly, your customers will thank you for your excellent service.

CPU:Intel® Atom™ Z530P
Memory/Storage: 1GB soDIMM/ 120GB SATA
Display: 7,1" auto switching dual and active mode
Communication: WiFI (802.11a/b/g/n), BlueTooth, GPS, WWAN