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Ergo Pro Flexbelt & accessories

Ergo Pro Flexbelt
The Ergo Pro Flexbelt offers an ergonomic and comfortable way to carry equipment. The Belt itself is designed to ensure that the wearer remains comfortable, it’s adjustable for all sizes, and can even be worn over a variety of clothing. Secured by a Large Polymer Nexus style clasp the belt won’t sag or flip, being rugged enough to hold a variety of equipment but at the same time flexible enough not to constrict movement.

A rail runs around the belt to which runners are mounted, various holsters and bags can then be attached. These runners can be moved back and forth on the belt, allowing them to be positioned anywhere on the belt. On both sides of the belt there is a D-ring on which additional accessories can be attached.

Ergo Pro Runner for Flexbelt
The Ergo Pro Runner/Covertec clip is mounted on the Ergo Pro Flexbelt´s plastic rail.

All accessories with a compatible wheel button can then be attached to this.

All accessory can be easily clipped and unclipped. This provides the flexibility to adapt the belt´s accessories along with its position on the belt according to the current work task.

Ergo Pro Beltbag
Mounted on a Flexbelt runner the Beltbag offers easy access storage and has multiple usages.

Dual snag-free zipper for easy opening even with a gloved hand.

Dimensions of the bag are approx.
21 x 15 x 6 cm

Ergo pro holster for drink bottle/paint bottle
Mounted on a Flexbelt runner the Ergo Pro bottle holder is a durable tactical water Bottle Bag.

Bottle holder size: π x 42 x 15 cm allows you to accommodate the vertical storage of various standard sizes water bottles.

Ergo Pro Holster for growth drill
This unique holster is mounted directly on the flex belt´s plastic rail. In addition to hanging straight down, the holster can be set to hang approx. 45 degrees backwards on the right or left side. By angling the holster, it does not contact the leg when walking and also makes it easier and more convenient to remove and re-holster the drill. Maximum length for drill approx. 36cm. The holster can be shortened in 5cm increments to accommodate shorter drills.

The drill can be carried both mounted and unmounted in the holster. a Velcro fastening cover secures the drill in the holster.

Ergo Pro Holster for mobile phone
Mounted on a Flexbelt runner this field ready phone holster is suitable for cellphones or small tablets with displays up to 6.5”.

Made from durable wipe clean material with elasticated sides to hold the phone securely.

Ergo Pro Holster for Woosim R240 mobile printer
Mounted on a Flexbelt runner the Woosim R240 Holster allows the printer to be carried and fully operated without having to be removed.

Manufactured from water resistant synthetic leather with the bottons of the printer protected by a transparent plastic cover.

Other combinations
any accessories fitted with a compatible 19mm wheel button can be mounted on the Ergo Pro Flexbelt via the Pro Runner / Covertec clip.

The Covertec clip can also be used with regular trouser /waist belt.

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