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ARROW ™ GPS and ARROW ™ GNSS – safe positioning for today and tomorrow
The receivers in the Arrow family provide the unique ability to receive signals, process data and ensure the position using a wide range of mobile devices regardless of whether the user chooses smartphone, tablet PC, laptop or tablet. With the same flexibility the Arrow series work with Android™, as well as with iOS™ or Windows™. Working with surveying and mapping technology, the units are compatible with the market's broad range of programs and applications. This is done in environments where other devices struggle, under trees, near tall buildings or in rugged terrain. Arrow-series come in three models – all well prepared for the future:

ARROW Lite™ GPS – Receiver for positioning with sub-metre accuracy
The ARROW Lite is designed for working with with sub-metre accuracy, in apps and programs such as DigiTerra, TerraGO Edge, ESRI Collector, ArcPad, ArcMobile, Fulcrum Amigo Cloud, TerraFlex, MapItFast, GeoJot, iCMTGIS. With support for real time correction from WAAS, EGNOS, GAGAN, MSAS the receiver is able to provide sub-metre accuracy worldwide. In addition, the ARROW Lite GPS supports all market-leading mobile GIS software. Read more in the Arrow Lite product sheet.

ARROW 100 ™ GNSS – receiver for positioning with sub-metre accuracy
The ARROW 100 GNSS has all the features of ARROW Lite, supplemented with support for both GPS
and GLONASS as standard. GLONASS extends the capacity through signals from additional satellites in complementary orbits. By being able to connect with Galileo, Beidou and QZSS, this receiver is ready
for the future. Read more in the ARROW 100 product sheet.

ARROW ™ 200 GNSS – receiver with RTK for positioning with centimetre accuracy
The GNSS ARROW 200 is a dual frequency GNSS receiver with all the features found in the ARROW 100 above, with additional support for RTK. RTK process data, calculates and delivers positioning with 1 centimetre accuracy anywhere in the world. Read more in the ARROW 200 product sheet.

ARROW Gold™ – The ultimate accuracy for all iOS/Android/Windows devices!
The Arrow high-accuracy GNSS receiver implements ALL four global constellations (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou). It is also equipped with Safe RTK, for areas with real poor cell coverage. The Arrow Gold has connectivity with all mobile devices and free software utilities like Esri´s Collector/ArcPad/Survey123,
and other mobile GIS software apps. Arrow Gold is IP67-rated has Long-range RTK Baselines up to
50 km, and 1 cm RTK real-time accuracy. Read more in the ARROW GOLD product sheet.

More detailed information about the features of each model in the Arrow GPS/GNSS-series can be found in the specifications below.
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