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Arrow 100+™ GNSS Receiver

Arrow 100+â„¢
Arrow 100+ is a newly developed version of the Arrow 100® submeter, multi-constellation
GNSS receiver, maintaining the same accuracy and functionality of the of the original Arrow
100 GNSS receiver but now with additional features.

The new Arrow 100+ GNSS includes:

• Longer battery life (18 hours)
• Support for Atlas H50 satellite differential correction signals
• Support for Multiplexing
• Support for Multipoint

The Arrow100+ (Plus) is a submeter, multi-constellation performance GNSS receivers designed
to be used with your phone, tablet, or data collector, including iOS, Android, and Windows.
Connecting to GPS, Glonass, Galileo, and Beidou satellite networks, giving access to at least
100 satellites circling the globe!

The Arrow 100 + GNSS receiver is capable of achieving up to 30cm accuracy in real time with
no post-processing required by utilizing the free SBAS (satellite based augmentation systems)
or Atlas H50 in areas where SBAS or RTK is not available, delivering superior accuracy and
performance in more demanding environments such as under trees, around buildings, and
in rugged mountainous terrain.

New Arrow 100+ Features:

Longer Battery Life
The new Arrow 100+ battery life is up to 18 hours on a full charge compared to 12-hour
battery life on the original Arrow 100.

Supports Atlas H50 Correction Service
Where no SBAS or RTK corrections are available the Arrow 100+ now provides access to the
Atlas satellites and 30cm (1-foot) accuracy corrections. Using the subscription service offered
by the Atlas H50 service, users of the Arrow 100+ can obtain 1-foot or better accuracy in
real-time and in remote areas with no cellular service. This works anywhere in the world!

The Arrow 100+ now has the functionality of Eos Bridge built-in, allowing the Arrow 100+ to
connect via Bluetooth to any third-party sensor (e.g. laser rangefinder or underground utility
locator and stream the data from that sensor to iOS, Android or Windows mobile devices.

Multipoint Feature
The new multipoint feature allows you to connect the Arrow 100+ to more than one data
collector or mobile device simultaneously, such as an iPad or Android phone.

Arrow 100+ supports all NMEA-standard software and other programmes like (among
many others) ArcGIS Collector or Field Maps.

Download the Arrow 100+â„¢ Datasheet for more information.

Bluetooth® 2.0 serial, (optional)
Bluetooth® Transmission:
Class 1, 300m, typical range,
up to 1 km
2.400 - 2.485 GHz
Fully Bluetooth® Pre-Qualified:
Bluetooth® 2.1 + EDR
Bluetooth Connections:
SPP, iAP, Multipoint+
Data I/O Protocol:
NMEA-0183, RTCM SC-104,
RAW Measurements Data:
Binary and RINEX
Correction I/O Protocol:
RTCM, Optional
Proprietary format
Status LEDs:
Power, Bluetooth® ,
Battery Status LED:
5 Indicators
Receiving signals:
Galileo, BeiDou w. carrier smoothing
158-channel, Parallel Tracking
Number of Tracked Satellites:
12 GPS (15 when no SBAS),
12 GLONASS, 15 Galileo,
22 BeiDou
SBAS Support:
3-Channel, Parallell tracking
(SBAS ranging where supported)
Atlas Accuracy:
30 cm HRMS
Optional Proprietary RTCM:
< 20 cm 2dRMS, 95% confidence
Optional Single Frequency RTK:
1 cm + 1 ppm
<1 sec
Battery type:
Field replaceable, rechargeable
Autonomy on a single charge:
18 + hours
Charging Time:
4 hours (vehicle charger available)
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