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TruPulse Series

The TruPulse series has measurement capabilities that go far beyond just capturing a range. They make field measurements possible where other alternative tools and methods fall short.

The TruPulse 200-series has in addition to the TruPulse 200/B and 200 now two more units in this series, the news TruPulse 200X and 200L. TruPulse 200X is fully rugged and the keenest device in the series where you can make measurements at distances up to 2500 m and with an accuracy of about 4 cm. It also features a newly developed LED display that is optimal in all lighting conditions. TruPulse 200L is semi-rugged and the most affordable device in the series, developed for those who are content with about 1 m distance accuracy.

TruPulse 360-series, has in addition to the 200 series qualities enhanced with an integrated compass, where the compass directional angle Azimuth is available for an accuracy of ± 1°. Trupulse 360-series comes in two models in which the 360R is fully rugged while the 360 B is semi-rugged.

With Trupulse series did you measure faster, easier and safer. In addition to measuring distance and Azimuth angles with Trupulse, you can also measure the inclination angle and the height. You can easily transfer your measurement values to your computer with the integrated Bluetooth or the RS-232 serial port.

Trupulse 360- and 200-series is suitable for the most industries that need flexible, effective and accurate measurement results. See more pictures by using the arrows in the right column.

Optics: 7X magnification with field of view: 100m @ 915m away
Display: In-scope LED/LCD
Eye Safety: FDA Class 1 (CFR 21)
Communication: RS232 serial port in All Models, Bluetooth in TruPulse 200X, 200B, 360B and 360R
Measurement: Max to non-reflective targets: 1900m
Range: Max to reflective targets: 2500m
Minimum range: 0.0m
Inclination: ca 90°C
Azimuth: 0°C - 359.9°C
Accuracy: ca 4cm
Environmental: IP54 & IP56 (200X,360R), -20°C to 60°C
Battery: 8+ hours
Dimension: 12x5x9cm (200/360), 13x5x11cm (200X,360R)
Weight: 220g (200/360), 385g (360R)