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Rugged Tablet PC

A premium quality lightweight high-performance large-screen Windows 10® fully rugged tablet (also available with Linux). Powered by Intel’s 7th Gen processor, a sunlight readable dual mode, glove and rain-capable capacitive multi-touch HD-display, a wide range of options and accessories make this unit our new versatile flagship among Tablet PC’s.

FIDS Yona Black
The FIDS Yona Black (a modified version of the bestselling FIDS Yona Tablet PC) is one of the most refined compact rugged tablets in its class, at only 20mm (0.78”) thick and weighing in at just 1.2kg (2.7Ib). Featuring an 11.6 inch FHD (1920 x1080) resolution display that delivers exceptional viewing even in direct sunlight, and a capacitive point multi-touch screen that supports glove, stylus, finger and wet touch modes.

Welo XR12
The 12" display is made of hardened glass, the frame is reinforced and the ports are protected with rubber hinges.
The rugged Welo XR12 with IP65 has a range of options like barcode reader, RFID-reader and fingerprint reader.
Optional accessories like Clip On-keyboard and docking station make a mobile office out of this unit. Operating systems available are Microsoft Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise IoT.

Welo X10
The Welo X10 is a professional flexible cost effective tablet, supporting a range of I/O ports and modular expansion options, all securely covered and sealed to maintain its IP65 rating. With Intel i-Core processor and Windows 10, the Welo X10 combines flexibility and durability with features like a 10.1" 1200x1900 multimode touch display, GPS, NFC, Ultra fast WiFi, Blutooth5.0, Wireless broadband combined with the compatibility and security that comes with Windows 10.

The Windows based XSLATE R12 provides a large screen with rugged hardiness and sleek design. The cover is made of magnesium alloy, framed in a rubberized hygienic enclosure and is easily disinfected and cleaned. The ruggednes is well tested and certified, and the bright and clear screen is protected by Corning® Gorilla Glass® and keeps its excellent viewability, particularily outdoors.

XSLATE D10 Android
Android® based XSLATE D10 is a rugged, strong and versatile Tablet PC. With IP65, MIL-STD-810G and C1Z2 and ATEX ratings, magnesium alloy mid-frame, elastomer bumpers and chemically hardened display, the XSLATE D10 is ready to meet the elements. The range of accessories make it an adaptable choice for practiced Android®users.

The PX510 Tablet PC - a rugged choice for discerning field professionals meeting the demands of tough environments on a daily basis. Operating on Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ processor and IP65 & MIL-STD-810G certified, the PX510 has been designed and tested to ensure it withstands drops, knocks and bumps.

Welo XR10
The Welo XR10 has a 10" screen with good readability, reinforced frame, well protected ports and absorbing corners. The water- and dust resistance is rated according to IP67. The long operating time and the ability to easily change the battery out in the field are other benefits that make the Welo XR10 a reliable tool.

Getac A140
The Getac A140 is a fully rugged (IP65-rated) Tablet PC with a 14" display including the latest sunlight readable technology for unprecedented viewing capability. The available screen options ensure that it can be read clearly even in the most challenging conditions. The Getac A140 is equipped with multiple security features as well as a wide range of accessories to make it ready for challenging field work in harsh environments.

Powered by Intel’s 8th generation powerful quad-core processor and impressive 14-inch sunlight viewable capacitive multi-touch HD-screen. A NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card for the more demanding graphical and video intensive applications and optional active pen for precision on-screen input and operations, the MR14 is a commanding mobile platform for even the most demanding of field applications.

Welo M10
Thanks to the power efficient Celeron N3010 processor the M10 delivers an impressive full day battery runtime. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise (LTBS) provides a secure and configurable operating system. Memory is expandable to 8Gb of RAM and 128Gb SSD. Integrated WiFi and Bluetooth with optional 4G, Smartcard and NFC readers expands its connectivity.

Welo R10S
The Welo R10S is an affordable and versatile rugged tablet for “light” and “medium” duty, mobile applications . Its sunlight readable 10” screen is crisp and responsive to touch. With multiple I/O ports, accessories and mounting options, the Welo R10S provides portability, functionality and adaptability.