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Tablet PC

Sonora 1200
The Sonora 1200 is equipped with both eMMC and SSD storage for optimized performance. Nevertheless the computer is extremely thin and has a low weight. With its Intel m3-6Y30 CPU Dual Core-processor and Windows 10® the unit is an affordable and powerful, user-friendly device that is easily integrated into companies and organizations.

The 13.3" high resolution widescreen display, the communications capabilities, the ability to customise and the range of available accessories have quickly made the SR13 Tablet PC a favoured choice for many.

Sahara Slate i535/i575
The Sahara Slate PC i535 / i575 models have been the most popular products in the i500-series of Tablet PCs from TabletKiosk. Stellar performance, true Windows® Pro compatibility, and tablet portability make it one of the most powerful Tablet PCs on the market today.

Sahara NetSlate a525
Introduce the third generation Sahara NetSlate Tablet PC with the NetSlate a525. One of our most popular Tablet PC of All-Time! This Tablet has leveled up in everything in terms of performance and versatility with news that among others, a built-in RS-232 serial port and two cameras. Designed to increase the productivity and efficiency of your organization. The optimal choice for volume installations with an unbeatable price...