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Sahara NetSlate a525

Introduce one of our most popular Tablet PC of All-Time in a new version, the Sahara NetSlate a525. The third generation of Sahara NetSlate has taken all the best from the previous generations NetSlate and level up this generation in everything in terms of performance and versatility.

Sahara NetSlate a525 are designed to increase the productivity and efficiency in your organization. ItĀ“s the optimal choice for volume installations to your logistics operations, help care solution or sales organization for example and with an unbeatable price. This rugged and powerful tablet PC with Windows 7 Ultimate is compatible with the most office computers and can also accompany the portfolio on your business trip.

NetSlate a525 is equipped with an Intelā„¢ AtomĀ® N2800 processor that is energy efficient enough to run for a full workday without the needs for charging the dual hot-swappable batteries. The processor supports 4GB of RAM and a storage capacity of 320GB HDD or 80GB SSD which provides you good performance and is sufficient for the most applications. Combined with built-in RS-232 serial port, two cameras with 5.0MP and 2.0MP, WiFi, WLAN, 3G, 4G/LTE, GPS/UMTS, Bluetooth and a expansion module for example to POS-applications and barcode reader, all the details and components merged to a highly intelligent and affordable Tablet PC.

The sensitive capacitive 12.1ā€ WXGA (1280x800) touch display is softer and more comfortable than ever. With Dual mode and an optional Active Digitizer pen you can easily write your signature or swipe with your finger on the screen. The unit is also available with Resistive touch there you can be work with the stylus pen or with gloves on your hand. The screen gives you up to 178Ā° viewing angle and a sharp picture even in both direct / indirect sunlight as in the dark with AFFS + sunlight readable display.

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CPU: Intelā„¢ AtomĀ® N2800, 1.86Ghz
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate
Memory / Storage: 4GB DDR3L RAM / 320GB HDD
Display: 12.1" WXGA (1280x800), AFFS SUN-BRITEā„¢
I/O Interface: 5MP & 2MP Camera, 2xUSB 2.0, RS-232, RJ45, Audio ports, Docking connector, Expansion port, Antenna port for GPS/UMTS and 3G
Communication: Fingerprinter, TPM Security, WiFi, WLAN, 3G & 4G/LTE WWAN, Bluetooth 4.0
Batteri: Dual hot swappable
Environmental: -20Ā°C to 65Ā°C
Dimensions: 30cm x 22cm x 2.4cm
Weight: 1.49kg