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Sahara Slate i535/i575

The Sahara Slate PC i535 / i575 models have been the most popular products in the i500-series of Tablet PCs from TabletKiosk. Stellar performance, true Windows® Pro compatibility, and tablet portability of the original Sahara Slate PC® i500 make it one of the most powerful Tablet PCs on the market. The Intel® i7 processor, increased memory capacity, front and rear facing cameras, and a true—not emulated—RS-232 serial interface are a few of the standout features that elevate the Sahara Slate PC i535/i575 Tablet PC beyond the original models.

Backwards compatibility with existing accessories; modular feature expandability for adding magnetic stripe reader, GPS, Bluetooth, barcode scanner, and 4G LTE connectivity; user upgradability; system repairability; OEM customization; and world class customer service truly put the Sahara Slate PC i535/i575 Tablet PC in a class by themselves.
The i535/i575 Tablet PC also has Dual Hot-Swappable Batteries which enable extended working without a requirement for access to A/C power for charging. The Sahara i535/575 Tablet PC touch- sensitive 12.1” WXGA ( 1280 x 800 ) display is available in resistive or capacitive mode.

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CPU: Intel™ Celeron® 1,4 GHz (i535)
Intel™ Core® i7 vPro, 2.8Ghz(i575)
Memory: 2GB - 16GB DDR3L dual RAM
OS: Windows 7®, Windows 8®
or Windows 10®
Display: 12.1" WXGA (1280x800), Sunlight readable
I/O Interface: 2xUSB 3.0, 1x RS-232,
RJ-45, Video Out port, Stereo Headphone
& Microphone, Modular Expansion port, Docking connector, 1x eSATA + USB 2.0
Communication: 3G WWAN, GPS, Bluetooth, 5.0MP & 2.0MP cameras
Dimensions: 30cm x 22cm x 2,4cm
Weight: 1.49kg
Battery: Dual Hot Swappable (LiIon)
Environmental: -20°C to 65°C