Forest it Design

About us

Forest it Design, founded in 1998, has developed to a leading distributor of rugged, mobile computers, All-In-One PC´s,
measuring instruments and GPS/GNSS solutions. Offices in Värnamo, Gothenburg, London and München serve our customers
and our well developed distribution network in Europe and parts of Africa.

Cutting edge technology and breadth
Forest it Design has the widest assortment in its genre on the market and represents leading edge products in each product
segment. Experienced employees and specialized dealers help our clients to choose the most efficient products.

Service, support and turnkey solutions
Forest it Design has our own service workshops and offering beyond the standard support and services customized turnkey
solutions. Team Forest it Design is available throughout the product's lifetime.

Stability, continuity and secure businesses
Forest it Design started in the forest industry. Today, our products are used in the most sectors. Forest it Design has since
2008 the highest credit rating, AAA of Soliditet.

Forest it Design has since inception, worked against high environmental goals. This process is under constant development
with a strong commitment and a sustainable ecosystem as an overall goal.

We switched to electric vehicles already in 2019 and since 2022 we will be self-sufficient in electricity with solar cells.