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GPS Precision

Arrow GPS and GNSS receivers process data and state positions to virtually any device on the market: Smartphone, tablet PC or laptop. The receivers perform with high accuracy in Android™, iOS™and Windows™. Working with surveying and mapping technology, the units are compatible with the market's broad range of programs and applications.
This freedom of choice is unique.

EOS Bridge™
The EOS Bridge™ is a small, pocket-sized device that connects
to mapping, positioning or measurement instruments via Bluetooth expanding the potential pairings of legacy instruments and sensors by making them Bluetooth
compatible. Simply put, this device connects Arrow
Series® GNSS receivers and mobile mapping from
GIS apps — with the measurements from third-party instruments and sensors (e.g., laser rangefinders,
utility locators).

The A70-Mini and A90 from FOIF are advanced professional GNSS receivers. Both models provide reliable and stable network communication, fast and easy login and supports L-BAND satellite signal for centimeter-Level GNSS positioning as well as TTS intelligent voice broadcast and Web UI Support.

Garmin GLO™ 2
With the Garmin GLO, you get the best of two worlds by combining GPS / GLONASS receiver and Bluetooth ® technology where you receive a highly accurate position information into your PC or Android device that supports NMEA. In addition, it also receives free correction from SBAS (EGNOS)...