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Rxiry Laser Range Finder
The XR series from Rxiry belongs to the latest generation of laser meters. With these units, distances, heights and angles can be measured without either a reflector or transponder and with high accuracy. Some models can also measure compass angles for Azimuth, enter GNSS position, speed and temperature. All models are rugged and IP65 rated. Simple handling with only two keys. Rechargeable battery and charger are standard. Measurement results can be read in the display and transmitted via Bluetooth. Quantity areas of use being measurement of distances and tree heights and cable height in the power industry. GPS offset in the measurement industry.

TruPulse 200X
The TruPulse 200X laser rangefinder was designed to make high precision measurements for professionals working in challenging field conditions. The 200X provides an in-scope LED display that easily adjusts to varying light conditions, with its advanced inclination and distance accuracy, makes this laser rangefinder the most progressive product in the TruPulse Series line.

TruPulse 360R
The TruPulse 360°R professional-grade laser rangefinder possesses power and functionality unlike any other measurement and mapping device on the market. Integrated with LTI’s exclusive TruVector 360° Compass Technology®, this laser can calculate several different measurement solutions that will help you achieve faster, safer and more accurate results. Having improved performance and a rugged exterior, the 360R model will consistently work under any condition.

TruPulse RangeFinder
Laser technology's commitment to high quality and unparalleled innovation has enabled the TruPulse series to stand the test of time. These highly sophisticated and easy-to-operate laser rangefinders using reflectorless technology are designed to deliver the measurements required by industry professionals. Built into every TruPulse unit, TruTargeting technology offers the user four targeting modes to choose from and displays all data values directly within the scope.

Inventax Digital Calliper
With the use of an Android or iOS based application, measurements/data can be read wirelessly from the caliper via Bluetooth® into a smartphone, PDA, tablet or other Bluetooth enabled device. This lightweight, digital wireless caliper is designed with as well ease of use as resilience in mind.