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Getac V100

Getac V100 is a rugged Convertible Notebook, loaded with all features you need.

The rotatable Display let you in an instant switch between tablet and notebook mode.

Getac V100 comes as standard with a sensitive touch display that you operates with either your finger or a passive pen and Active Digitizer. This computer switches automatically between these features. Getac V100 can also be ordered with Multi-touch display in a version that allows you to work with gloves on. For more information you can read Forest it Designs unique Display guide.

The unit is certified by IP-65 and MIL-STD-810G which provides protection from water, shocks and dust.

Getac V100 has an Intelā„¢ CoreĀ® i7 1.2 GHz dual-core processor that has a Turbo boost function that delivers 2.226GHz processor capacity which is almost an increase of 50 %. You can also get up to 8GB of RAM.

Getac V100 is one of the most powerful and rugged Convertible Tablet PC with Dual-Core on the market.

For really harsh environments, Getac V100 can be ordered with rubber covered keyboard that is easy to wash off. 1200 nits display provides sufficient brightness for work even in direct sunlight. Getac V100 got a lot of accessories. For example vehicle docking, integrated GPS, GPRS/3G and configurations.

Getac V100 is the computer for you that need the alternate between a rugged Tablet and rugged Laptop and also want the best specification on the market.

CPU: Intelā„¢ CoreĀ® i7 vProĀ® Processor 2.26GHz
Memory / Storage: 2GB DDR3 expandable to 8GB/ SATA HDD 320GB
Display: 10.4" TFT LCD XGA
Communication: 10/100/100 base-T Ethernet, 802.11 a/b/g, Bluetooth, GPS(optional), GPRS/3G(optional)
Weight: 2.2Kg
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate
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