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Medislate MCA

Based upon the mobile clinical assistant reference architecture (MCA) developed by Intel®, the MediSlate™ MCA i1040XT was designed for healthcare-specific use at the point of care, to support and enhance the workflow of nurses and clinicians.

Traditionally, medical professionals have utilized paper charts, stationary desktop PCs and equipment wheeled around on bulky carts to perform common activities including collecting patient history, monitoring medications, reviewing test results and x-rays, and updating patient information. Intel recognized the inefficiencies of operating in a system patched together by a disparent group of incompatible technologies and decided that a new way of working was vital in promoting the advancement of patient care.

Guided by this determination, Intel conducted extensive ethnographic research, hospital workflow studies and thousands of conversations with healthcare professionals worldwide and concluded that nurses and physicians in clinical settings needed a new type of product designed specifically for them.

The MediSlate MCA i1040XT is just that product. Using a MediSlate MCA in tandem with their existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, nurses and clinicians are able to perform their daily tasks easily and directly at the point-of-care by utilizing an array of technological features including:

* a built-in 2D/1D bar-code scanner for matching each patient with the treatment being delivered, helping to reduce medication-dispensing errors
* a radio frequency identification (RFID) reader so nurses can identify patients and verify themselves as authorized caregivers
* an integrated 2.0 megapixel digital camera to enhance patient charting and progress notes, and to document wounds and injuries
* wireless connectivity to access up-to-date secure patient information and physician’s orders at the bedside or point of care
* and Bluetooth® wireless technology to help capture patient vital signs directly into their EMR.

Paired with an optional 3G Data Module, the MediSlate MCA is also the perfect tool for enabling home healthcare professionals to ease their administrative workloads and optimize their workflow by:

* having instant access to their daily appointments and schedule,
* having real-time visibility and access to their patient’s electronic record, from their home office or from their patient’s home,
* having richer and more efficient documentation capability for wound care,
* and reducing the opportunity for errors through documentation directly at the point of care.

The MediSlate™ i1040XT MCA is a full powered computing device encased in a semi-rugged, sealed and IP54 rated smooth-surface enclosure that is drop resistant and enables it to be easily wiped clean and disinfected to reduce the spread of germs.

Intel® Atom™ Z530P
1GB soDIMM/ 60/80GB SATA
7" auto switching dual and active mode
WiFI (802.11a/b/g/n), BlueTooth, GPS (a7330D only)
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