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Ergo Pro Harness

Ergo Pro Harness is an innovative and ergonomic hands-free carry solution for anyone who works mobile with computers, measuring instruments, GNSS controllers, etc.

With its unique design, the Ergo Pro is both stable and easy to put on and take off making the carrying of the mounted equipment safe and comfortable without back stain or fatigue even during long work shifts. Both the front and back straps are adjustable so that the harness fits perfectly regardless of body height. The rear straps connect to the stomach plate to ensure the load is distributed equally while the brace of the stomach.

The Ergo Pro is constructed with moisture wicking material that conducts body moisture away, which provides increased comfort on hot days.

The mounting arm on which the equipment or computer is mounted is adjustable in lenght and can be set in three fixed positions with different angles or folded straight up in transport position. This allows the mounted device to be set at hte ideal height, length and angle for safe and comfortable operation for the user, leaving your hands free for other tasks.

There are a variety of computer holders for all existing models of handheld computers, tablets and laptops etc.

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