Forest it Design

Rugged Mini Tablet PC

The versatile and rugged RP70 has a remarkably low weight, not much more than the weight of a PDA. In spite of its slim format, the clear and distinct sunlight readable 7" display is generous. This unit is IP65-rated and reliable and gives you the opportunity to work with Microsoft® Windows 10® IoT, everywhere.

Luna is a compact rugged crossover with a unique combination of features and functions. Despite the compact design, Luna has a generous display, powerful processor and fast charging, etc. The 8” screen has a brightness of 1000 nits, capacitive multi-touch with several modes and a genuine digitizer with an active pen. Luna is very powerful and equipped with 11th Gen Intel ® CoreTH i5 processor, 4G/LTE and GNSS. Latest Wifi 6 and Bluetooth V5.2. With MIL-STD 810 H, 461G and IP65 certifi cations, Luna can handle most environments. USB-C for charging and communication.

Getac T800
Getac T800 is a rugged, compact and flexible Tablet PC, with built-in functions for enhanced productivity. The unit has a sharp 8.1" HD sunlight readable display with Multi-Touch, LifeSupport™ Hot-Swap battery and Built-in communications, expandable with multiple snap on-adds and other connecting possibilities. The operational system is run by Windows 10 Professional, preferred by most users.

Welo XR8
The Welo XR8 is a small, but fully-rugged tablet PC. With reinforced frame, well protected ports and rubber dampened corners the Welo XR8 is designed to handle the harsh challenges of the weather elements and rough handling. The 8" screen has tempered glass and the device has a water and dust rating of IP67.

Welo R8S
Welo R8S is fully rugged with high durability and gives you all the possibilities available in Windows 10®. With the Welo R8S, you have the whole world in your hand. Or in your pocket!