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SR17M - Medical 17" even bigger Tablet! ( 2023-05-09 )
SR17M is a brand new medical Tablet PC and a larger system SR13M as well as SR16M. Developed for professional users in healthcare. For hygienic use in sensitive environments, the outer casing is bacteria-repellent and easy to keep clean. The SR17M has a generous 17 inch distinct high resolution display, but a slim format, uniquely thin and easy to handle for its size class. High resolution monitor.

Front and rear cameras and a powerful processor. SmartCard/CAC card readers are available as options, as are NFC/RFID readers. The back has a fold-out support for upright placement. Integrated VESA mount for easy mounting. The generous display and thin form make the SR17M an excellent platform for e.g. Eye Gaze.

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