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Ergo Pro Harness
Ergo Pro Harness is an innovative and ergonomic hands-free carry solution for anyone who works mobile with computers, measuring instruments, GNSS controllers, etc.

Ergo Pro 4-Point Harness
The Ergo Pro 4-point harness is a very cost-effective and comfortable carrying equipment for Tablets and distributes the weight efficiently and evenly over the shoulders and back.

The computer sits at a comfortable height and angle for reading and handling. Any built-in GPS gets the antenna in a good position

Ergo Pro Hook
The Hook is the carrying equipment for those who value the flexibility and to have both arms free for handle during the workday. This low-impact equipment to your body is compatible with all Tablet PC´s in our assortment...

Padded Shoulder Strap
A comfortable Tablet PC or other equipment carrying solution that is easily attached and removed, providing convenience, security and increased productivity through greater freedom
of movement.

Ergo Pro Flexbelt & accessories
The Ergo Pro Flexbelt offers an ergonomic and comfortable way to carry equipment. The Belt itself is designed to ensure that the wearer remains comfortable, it’s adjustable for all sizes, and can even be worn over a variety of clothing. Secured by a Large Polymer Nexus style clasp the belt won’t sag or flip, being rugged enough to hold a variety of equipment but at the same time flexible enough not to constrict movement.